We deliver reliable technology solutions that help businesses digitize their process.
Our customers stay focus on their core businesses while we empower them with the right solutions.


Sky's the Limit. You have an idea? We can execute it, regardless the type of business or infrastructure you're in, cause that's what we do.


We are super-humans who work on your projects around the clock to make sure we're spot-on and deliver even before deadlines.


From iOS to Android, from Mobile to Tablets, we've got it covered. We have a team of geniuses and we make sure they are fully up-to-date on new developments.


We're just a touch of a button away. Our support team is available 24/7, regardless you're working with us, you're planning to start a project or you're just passing by to say Hello.

Product Engineering & Architecture

We treat every customer project as a software product with a distinct life cycle starting from Product Ideation, Architecture, Design, Technical Support and Professional Services.

Our Software Product Engineering approach goes beyond Software Development. Our well-experienced Product Engineering and Design Team work together with each client, brainstorm business scenarios, challenge each other, and finally create a Product RoadMap. They turn features and backlogs into great User Experience and measurable Business Outcomes.

Our creative UI/UX Engineers walk the clients through the user journeys, visualize the entire system before it comes to life. This helps the customer to take critical business decisions and prioritize the most important features right at the design stage, saving all the future rework.

Our QA Engineers, with the help of Business Analysts and UI/UX Engineers, make sure that every product release satisfies the needs of the end-user. They follow the right QA practices such as Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD). They automate the QA Process as much as possible using the right tools and Quality Gates, which makes the entire delivery process efficient and optimized.

Customer focused Approach

We understand that our customers want to focus on their core business. That’s the reason they need us for planning and designing their systems.

Our expert team of Business Analysts and Architects work hand-in-hand with our customers analyzing their existing systems and business processes, and re-engineer them for future needs with a sound architectural foundation and the right technology stack fit for the problems.

We come up with practical and innovative solutions based on sound architectural principles, patterns and frameworks considering cost, quality, and time to market.

Cloud Native Applications

Modern systems handle complex business problems. They are heavy on traffic and data. And they want to evolve very quickly according to market needs.

We are specialized in developing cloud-native applications that offer scalable architecture and consistent performance providing optimal user experience regardless of user load or business processing complexity. Our systems follow micro-services architecture and event-driven design ensuring the cloud-native non-functional features of auto-scaling, self-healing and real-time distributed processing.

Our applications are container-ready and deployed on container orchestration engines such as Kubernetes, Openshift and Docker Swarm, inside major cloud infrastructure providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean.

We help enterprises to migrate their legacy applications into cloud environments using suitable strategies including rehosting aka lift & shift, refactoring into cloud-native services, re-platforming etc. We provide with expertise, architecture consultancy and implementation services in these efforts.

Mobile Solutions

Modern businesses consider smartphones as their primary channel for delivering services to their customers. A seamless mobile user experience is critical for the success of both products and services-based businesses.

Zero Gravity has been helping companies in both government and private sectors within the region for developing their mobility strategy, design, and portfolio for the past few years. We worked with our customers on some transformative mobile applications from concept to launch.

Besides traditional e-commerce and B2C applications we had been recently leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Augmented Reality in mobile applications for realizing the business goals of our customers.

We have recently ventured into Unity 3D based mobile apps for gamification of business processes that provide a seamless user experience to the users.


Your app comes to life during UI and UX, but our round of polish is where the magic happens. It’s where we add that extra little something which is known as Fueled’s signature style. Notice how this site you’re on is a bit slicker than the others you’ve visited lately? That’s polished. We perfect animations, transition states, and add all the fine details and special touches that make an app a Fueled app.

Finest Code
Finest Code

To ensure optimum performance, we tend to adapt the finest framework for multi-platforms, followed by the cleanest code

Real Time Stats
Real Time Stats

With a comprehensive back-end of your applications provided to you, it gives you the ability to manage real-time stats and user's interactions.


Before handing the app over, we test it on various platforms and in various digital conditions to make sure of its durability.

Retina Ready
Retina Ready

Since we're designing the UI/UX in-house. We make sure that your project is Retina Ready with details to it's smallest pixel.

Augmented Reality & Gamification Solutions

Augmented Reality (AR) provides the users with an immersive experience that ignites multiple human senses and helps to establish an emotional connection between products and users.

At Zero Gravity, we blend Augmented Reality(AR) with Artificial Intelligence(AI) to provide unique digital experiences inside mobile and web applications. AR-powered apps super-impose real-world objects and enhance with sound, touch and extra information in a 3D and multi-dimensional view blurring the line between the real and virtual world. This allowed our customers to stay ahead of the competition by increasing user engagement for their brands and products.

With the advent of NFT and Blockchain, Augmented Reality applications have huge potential in the coming years and we are ready to time-travel with our customers. As a critical element of the much-hyped Metaverse concept where technology leaders including Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are investing in, Zero Gravity is well-positioned to lead the AR journey of businesses in the region.

Smart Community Solutions

We had been working with local community development departments on building innovative solutions to improve the lives of residents. Our community development solutions leverage cutting edge technologies such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

One of the recent projects is a smart mobile app aimed at improving Arabic Language skills for the residents, using Object Detection and Natural Language Processing. The system provides insights on the usage of the Arabic Language among various categories of residents while promoting its wide adoption using smart methods.

Currently we are working on another solution to improve financial discipline and a habit of saving among the youth. This solution is designed as a gamification of real-world business scenarios utilizing the power of Augmented Reality and Digital 3D Modelling, mixed with AI techniques.

DevOps and Infrastructure Automation

As the systems improve, they require smarter and cost-effective methods and tools for deploying and releasing them quickly. We provide DevOps and infrastructure automation services for the clients who do not have their own DevOps team.

We follow standard CI/CD practices and use cutting-edge tools such as Ansible, Terraform, Docker Kubernetes, Jenkins, CircleCI, Git, etc. for deploying applications. We automate our deployments, infrastructure building and security using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concepts and tools. Our fully automated pipelines with quality gates allow predictable releases with faster deployment.

Our DevSecOps team follows OWASP guidelines and best practices to ensure the security and quality of the systems we build. We utilize tools such as Sonar Qube for integrating automated quality and security gates with build pipelines where it ensures our code is secure and quality passed.

Business Process Automation

Enterprise Systems are generally driven by complex business processes with multiple phases of approvals and departments/user groups involved. Designing a process-oriented system is often a challenge.

We utilize BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) for designing, visualizing, and implementing complex business processes in our solutions. This approach involves all the stakeholders from design through production.

BPMN based systems help businesses to cut down many otherwise tedious manual tasks and automate business processes while allowing the processes to evolve without expensive refactoring.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Systems are getting smarter, learning from experiences and their own mistakes, just like human beings, with the help of Artificial Intelligence. AI powered systems can give enterprises insights into their business operations that they may not have been aware of previously.

Zero Gravity has been in the forefront of adopting Artificial Intelligence in areas including Computer Vision, Automation and Natural Language Processing (NLP). We had been utilizing Object Detection, Word Translation and Voice Recognition capabilities of AI in our projects.

Our AI Engineers had been using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Frameworks such as Tensorflow, Keras and Open CV for making systems more intelligent. We had been helping government departments as well as organizations to implement AI based solutions. As part of the development, our engineers perform end-to-end training of AI models including dataset preparation, annotation, and optimization in order to provide best results.


Our understanding of iPhone, Android, iPad and web based technology enables us to bring a level of expertise to your enterprise like no one else. We know how to build products that can scale to your business' needs, no matter how large.