Cyber Security

Zero Gravity Cyber Security Team is well equipped to protect the digital assets of our customers with industry-standard security tools and methods


In this process, the organization gives us the license to launch cyberattacks without disclosing the operation.

These stealth attacks are performed to test the cyber security strength of the organization in a real-world attack scenario.

The extent of the damage may go beyond repair in a red teaming operation. The result is that the organization gains crucial insights from the final report.

With the support of our security experts, all flaws can be tuned and fixed to ensure the same probability won’t exist again for a real attack.


In Penetrating Testing, our offensive red team simulates cyberattacks under a controlled environment with pre-defined scopes, methodologies and phases in coordination with the defensive blue team. Rigorous testing divulges the organization’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities and gives the team a comprehensive view of what needs to be fine tuned to strengthen the security position.

Our Intrusion Test takes this one step further and attempts to exploit these vulnerabilities to obtain unauthorised access to information. We verify the Tripwire Alarms, AI based decisions, Network Radar, Event loggings and various other factors of intrusion, detection & prevention systems to ensure they work in harmony for maintaining the security posture of the organization.


This is a back-tracking process conducted by our digital forensics team at the network and domain level, as well as over endpoints, to gather information to investigate an incident or any suspicious activity.


Our team conducts these operations to study the encryption and algorithm of the malware along with the nature of its exploits. Understanding the anatomy of complex malware enables us to create signatures and fine-tune anomaly detection against these threats.

IT Security Audit

We conduct thorough cross-checks of the security infrastructure right from design to functional programming. Regular audits can help you identify weak spots in your IT infrastructure and update technologies so that no assets on the network are lost, stolen, mishandled or misused.


Our team can build customized, state-of-the art, aggressively tested cyber security solutions for your business that are compliant with military grade cyber security measures.