Be Seen, heard, and remembered


Zero Gravity provides high-quality pre and postproduction media services to deliver captivating video content that creates a lasting impact with the audience. Every project we acquire is supported with a dedicated production crew that is involved in every facet of the production process, from scriptwriting to broadcasting. Our seasoned production team uses the latest technologies and equipment to help you form a narrative that engages and speaks to your audience. After achieving commendable success in the UAE market, the team has expanded its operations to the African market to cater to the thriving MENA and Levant regions. Providing innovative media solutions that help our clients tell their stories is what Zero Gravity lives for. Our expertise is in creating a strategy through video content marketing and building awareness through TV commercials, web promos, TV shows and other channels. Our video production services include creating compelling videos for the public and private sectors, documentaries, interviews, event promos, production demonstrations, 2D & 3D animations, and facility tours, to name a few.

Supporting Innovators

Concepts and creative talents alone are not sufficient to produce world-class work. These ideas have to be backed with the appropriate technologies to ensure that the final product delivers excellence.

The Zero Gravity Group is motivated to consistently invest in equipment and technological solutions that can support excellent quality work. We also provide talented individuals the platform, tools and guidance required to unleash their creativity to achieve success.


Combining our passion for business and events, we offer an end-to-end approach to events, from initial conceptualization to management and final production.

Our event production services include helping you through every step of bringing the event to life right from ideation and branding to managing the PR, sponsorships, venue, travel and accommodation arrangements.

We enlist our top talent to ensure your message is delivered flawlessly and the goals and objectives of the event resonate with your audience/attendees.


In the social media space, retaining the target audience’s attention with compelling content is essential. We create high value digital content with top-notch production quality for all social media platforms.

Our collaborations with international clients has given us the experience required to bring that knowledge back home and produce engaging content that can give local brands the leverage they need to gain popularity and enter the global market.

In the long run, our purpose is to enhance opportunities, create education and awareness to motivate the society to spread a spirit of optimism and patriotism to build a better future for the people of Africa.


Zero Gravity Group has the experience and understands the fundamentals of the African market.

As industry experts, we want businesses to take advantage of our knowledge and assist them in promoting investment opportunities in the region.

The bigger picture is to put the African continent on the global business map by developing infrastructure and showcasing the talent and opportunities we have to offer.