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To inspire audiences by delivering path-breaking content and unique solutions that satisfy human and technological needs.


To be the preferred agency for all services in the media industry. We strive to become a pioneer in the industry by delivering consistent success stories for all our clients.

Our General Services

Zero Gravity International is a media company specialized in

Sponsoring Creators.

Audio-visual & Print Production.

Investment & development promotion

Motion Picture Production.

Documentary Film Production

TV Show Production

TV Report Production

YouTube Program Production

Video Clip Production

Production of promotional films

Production of promotional ads

Satellite Radio Production

Brief of Services

Film production

The African region has immense talent that is often stifled because of the lack of opportunities to showcase their skills. We aim to bring these untold stories to light by identifying and collaborating with top-notch talent and providing them with innovative cinematic production tools that aren’t easy to access. Our network of connections with the leading directors and promising producers of the region are in tune with our intention of discovering talent and providing full-service video production services that can showcase their capabilities.

Promotional ads

We believe that there is no value in final outcomes unless there is an intention to influence the customer’s conviction. To achieve this, we have a team of creatives who break conventional storytelling tactics to convey your brand story as an emotion rather than an advertisement. This evokes intrigue and retains attention and we do it all using state-of-the-art technologies that add to our storytelling approaches.

Events Management

We’ve conceptualized and successfully documented events of various scales right from exhibitions, conferences and soft launches for our corporate clients. Our team pays close attention to even the smallest details to ensure that every aspect of your event is executed and documented flawlessly.

Social networking services

There is a dearth of adequately equipped professional media agencies in the African market due to which businesses aren’t able to showcase their products and services to the local and global audience. This is where we step in with our talented team to produce renewed concepts, along with technological resources that can produce results with a lasting impact for our clients. We are determined to bring to light the potential of the digital content that can emerge from the African continent.

Supporting Innovators

Concepts and creative talents alone are not sufficient to produce world-class work. These ideas have to be backed with the appropriate technologies to ensure that the final product delivers excellence. The Zero Gravity Group is motivated to consistently invest in equipment and technological solutions that can support excellent quality work. We also provide talented individuals the platform, tools and guidance required to unleash their creativity to achieve success.

Promoting investment

Zero Gravity Group has the experience and understands the fundamentals of the African market. As industry experts, we want businesses to take advantage of our knowledge and assist them in promoting investment opportunities in the region. The bigger picture is to put the African continent on the global business map by developing infrastructure and showcasing the talent and opportunities we have to offer.